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PostHeaderIcon Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette – Beth

PostHeaderIcon Tuscan Pasta Salad – Cheryl

PostHeaderIcon Mediterranean Quinoa Salad – Cheryl

PostHeaderIcon Pomegranite Salad – Joanne

PostHeaderIcon Kale and Cabbage Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing – Beth

PostHeaderIcon Toasted Quinoa Salad – Beth

PostHeaderIcon Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad – Beth

PostHeaderIcon SPRING GREEN SLAW — LaVonne Clark Slater Cookbook

PostHeaderIcon Ramen Noodle Salad

PostHeaderIcon Crystal Oriental Green Salad – Boc choy salad – Pam

PostHeaderIcon ORIENTAL SALAD — Oya Inanc from Turkey

PostHeaderIcon REFRIGERATED CABBAGE — Leona Wimer

PostHeaderIcon MARTIN LUTHER SALAD — Myrtle Engstrom

PostHeaderIcon Vegetable Vinaigrette — Joan Dubberke



PostHeaderIcon FROZEN CRANBERRY SALAD — Peg Pearce

PostHeaderIcon Four Bean Salad

PostHeaderIcon COLE SLAW FROM IVY’S TEA ROOM — Loraine Stumbo

PostHeaderIcon Cole Slaw — New York Times Magazine

PostHeaderIcon CHINESE COLESLAW — Carolyn Ellinson

PostHeaderIcon Carrot Salad

PostHeaderIcon AMBROSIA


PostHeaderIcon SPRING GREEN SLAW — LaVonne Clark / Slater Cookbook

PostHeaderIcon Blue Cheese Dressing — Irene

PostHeaderIcon Bacon Dressing for Garden Lettuce

PostHeaderIcon Bleu Cheese Dressing

PostHeaderIcon Zero Dressing

PostHeaderIcon Fruit dsg.

PostHeaderIcon Bing Cherry Salad (Aunt Edith’s?)

PostHeaderIcon Marge Larson’s Frozen Salad

PostHeaderIcon Watergate Salad

PostHeaderIcon Cream Cheese Salad — Irene’s

PostHeaderIcon Cranberry Orange with Cherry Gelatin — Mary Jane Van Cleave

PostHeaderIcon Five Cup Salad

PostHeaderIcon Red/Red Salad — Helen Crossley

PostHeaderIcon Orange Salad — Katie Hakes

PostHeaderIcon Orange Jello Salad — Gloria Essler

PostHeaderIcon Ginger Ale Salad

PostHeaderIcon Frozen Salad

PostHeaderIcon Ginger Ale Salad Orange Jello salad

PostHeaderIcon Rosy Strawberry Ring

PostHeaderIcon Salad — Mrs. Mosey’s

PostHeaderIcon Fruit Soufflé

PostHeaderIcon Fruit ‘N Celery Salad

PostHeaderIcon Red and White Salad — Mother

PostHeaderIcon Wisconsin Sunset Salad

PostHeaderIcon Fruit Cup (Recipe used at the May Breakfast)

PostHeaderIcon Hot Fruit Salad

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Gelatin Salad — Laura Graebe

PostHeaderIcon Frozen Fruit Salad

PostHeaderIcon Cranberry-Pineapple Mold — Betty Miller

PostHeaderIcon Cranberry Salad

PostHeaderIcon Orange Sherbert Jello

PostHeaderIcon Frozen Ginger Ale Salad

PostHeaderIcon Strawberry Jello

PostHeaderIcon Fruit Cup — Mary Jane Van Cleave

PostHeaderIcon Cranberry Raspberry Salad

PostHeaderIcon Frozen Cranberry Salad

PostHeaderIcon Orange Sherbert Salad — Mrs. William Culver

PostHeaderIcon Rhubarb Salad — Marge Lonning

PostHeaderIcon Sauerkraut Cole Slaw — Violet Tweed

PostHeaderIcon Family Cole Slaw — Myrtle Engstrom

PostHeaderIcon Taco Salad — Madge Hill

PostHeaderIcon 24 Hour Vegetable Salad

PostHeaderIcon 24 hour Cabbage Salad

PostHeaderIcon Carrot Salad

PostHeaderIcon Layered Lettuce Salad — Myrtle Engstrom

PostHeaderIcon Cauliflower Salad

PostHeaderIcon Calico Salad

PostHeaderIcon Broccoli or Cauliflower Salad — Betty Miller

PostHeaderIcon Broccoli/grape salad

PostHeaderIcon Chicken Salad — Myrtle

PostHeaderIcon Tuna Salad – Cheryl

PostHeaderIcon 7 layer salad – EJ